A Whole Month Later

A whole month down. That seems so crazy to me. It feels like a lifetime and a day at the very same moment.

The strangest experience is to see the new missionaries. To them I’m an old veteran, but as I explain to them how each day is planned out and help them find where they’re supposed to be I still feel like a brand new Elder myself.
It’s been a hard week for our zone. So far during our time in the MTC we’ve had three bad ankle rolls, (Our zone plays really intense volleyball.) almost a dozen colds, and now one case of pneumonia. But were still working hard and loving every minute of it.
The language is coming along well, though it always feels like a great exercise in mental gymnastics as I try to conjugate and decline my verbs and nouns properly.
As I’ve spent more and more time in the MTC, I’ve been surprised at how much about myself I’ve been able to learn. I guess studying, working, and living alongside the same 40 Eastern European missionaries for a straight month can do that to you. I know this mission will be such a wonderful opportunity for growth for me. One of our traditions in the MTC is an zone-wide early morning devotional each day on one of the attributes of Christ described in the sixth chapter of Preach My Gospel. It’s a wonderful resource. I’ve often reflected on how one of the greatest blessings of the church is the constant encouragement and reminder that we can change. We can become better than we were yesterday. Recently my favorite topics have been patience and diligence. They seem to go together fairly well, especially in missionary work.
Spring has definitely come to Utah. Each day is more and more sunny and more and more beautiful, and the MTC is covered in budding flowers and blossoming trees.
I love you all!
Elder Barden

Baltic Mission
Lithuanian Mission Region

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